Occupy Netherlands

Today – 20th october – is the sixth day of the world wide Occupy rally against the economic crisis and more specific against the financial world which is seen as the cause of most of the trouble.

Yesterday and today I made photo’s from protesters in Amsterdam and Utrecht who are camping in cold and rain. In Amsterdam they camp right before the building of the stockmarket.

Surprisingly on the Dam square I found a small group which was demonstrating in support of the banks and capitalism. They also stayed in tents, but definitely not overnight.

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Photo below: Occupy Utrecht at night

photo below: These people protest against Occupy

Over Bert Spiertz

Bert Spiertz is als journalistiek en documentair fotograaf woonachtig in Arnhem. Deze blog is geschiedenis en wordt sinds enige tijd niet meer vernieuwd. Voor actuele berichten en foto's bezoek de website www.spiertzfoto.com Bert Spiertz is a professional photographer, living the Netherlands. This blog is history and will not be continued. You can find my recent images and info on my website: www.spiertzfoto.com
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